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Latest News about chosen
the lord's chosen charismatic revival movement


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This page will keep you up to date on what's going on among the chosen of the lord.


We thank the lord of the chosen of  for his wonders in our lives, goodnews, we worshiped at the new site last sunday 9th november and the open space was filled to the brim with over forty thousand worshipers in a single service salvation, healings, miracles , signs and wonders followed as the lord of the chosen was present to do it. We would worship there again this sunday, so come early to secure a seat, expect a miracle as you come. see you there.

Church News

for over two weeks now our mobile evangelism team and most  members of the chosen has been engaged in a mass rally for our forth coming programme, HOPE FOR THE BAREN (part 2). Date 29th and 30th November 2003. Time 8:00am daily. In the last HOPE FOR THE BARREN held last month 25th and 26th October,almost two hundred thousand people attended, the church was filled to the brim, every streets, packs and all coners around the church was fill, including the bus stop, many women recieved their miracle babies, the lame walk, the deaf heard, the domb spoke, the blind saw, madness was cured, many were delivered from spirit husbands and wife, and all demonic yokes were broken. Many were healed of all manner of deseases and incurable sicknesses like HIV/AIDS, Staphulococus, paralises etc,and also salvation for sinners. This month it will be double,don,t miss it.


Congratulation to our brothers and sisters that wedded last month

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